Cobertors als carrers de Gata

Cobertors als carrers de Gata

The popular tradition of placing blankets balconies (usually damask or crocheted fabrics) by a passing procession has been so deeply rooted in our little region of the Marina Alta decades. Exceptionally, this ancient tradition has remained very much alive in the village of Gata de Gorgos.

Aware of this fact, the School of Plastic Experimental A. Vives under the same municipality of Gata, reflected on the possibility of combining contemporary textile creation with the existing tradition, there arose ART AL VENT. The works are, therefore, the same size as traditional quilts, nothing can disturb the free fluttering fabrics moved by the wind, textile creations and are excluded rigid or heavy elements are prioritized. To emphasize the reading of a tradition the path of the sample goes from the church square to the square where handicraft shops are located and which has earned the city the reputation of the marketplace. In parts of the same street and in the square of the Church, they are hanging in the days of traditional quilts procession.

We are currently preparing what will be the XIII edition, with a great acceptance by the town and by the number of authors. In the last edition of 2015 we had the presence of 240 authors who had the jury's verdict, being finally selected 130 works from 27 countries.

The process of a new edition begins in late summer. The foundations are reviewed, updated dates and times and shipping is done extensive to all who have participated in other calls as well as faculties of fine arts, textile design centers both in Spain and abroad. Each author concerned has to accept the bases in writing. When you have your list work, the author sends to the organization shows a picture of all the work plus a detail as well as the name, title and technique. This fabric, canvas, cotton is has some measures 250x163 cm. At the same are sewn tapes which serve to hold the balcony to be located.

A jury of 3 professionals in the world of contemporary artistic creation choose the 130 works that make up the exhibition. This work is increasingly complex given that each call more authors are presented. In 2016, 240 artists from 35 countries have expressed their desire to participate. Selected send their works to the council directly, which hires a professional photographer to publish a catalog in four colors . Each author will deliver 5 copies the rest are in the Tourist Office, City of Gata and are distributed along the coast in hotels, restaurants, tourist attractions, etc.

Currently ART AL VENT is shown outdoors largest textile creation of Spain, is also the most international shows held in Valencia.

The inauguration takes place in mid-August and usually lasts about three weeks. This event attracts hundreds of visitors daily average of about 250 people, and that is increasing the repetition makes it more and more visitors come to the population, both in the region and elsewhere and who are going holidays in the nearby coast of the Marina Alta.

During the exhibition the Department of Culture organizes concerts, conferences, concerts in the itinerary of the exhibition.