The Department of Culture of the City of Gata de Gorgos and Experimental Plastic School A. Vives organize XVI Exhibition ART TO VENT


1. This exhibition is open to all artists, without any limitation of age, nationality, gender or education. Participation can be individual or collective. The August 14, 2019 will open the new edition ART AL VENT XVI

2. The works should follow the principles of this disclosure; they are an interpretation of traditional quilts that have been used through the centuries to decorate the balconies of Gata de Gorgos.

3. The concept is basically a reflection on the textile world. The fabric, once completed, should be able to be bent and flexible wind effects. Excluded rigid elements or providing the fabrics remain engaged during their exhibition on the street.

4. The works will be excluded if:

  • They are too heavy.
  • Have excessive dominance of painting or sculpture.
  • Can not be easily folded.
  • They have elements that are easily released.
  • They are too bulky
  • The materials used fade in the rain or the sun. 

5. Accepten totes them tècniques, seguint principis abans mencionats els, but amb subjecció to them consideracions següents:

  • All works will be exhibited in the open, with all weather conditions.
  • The fabric can be cut, dyed or made with different materials which can be glued or sewn preferably (not bulky and suitable for textile concept); but the dimensions of the canvas can not be cut or exte

6. Participants fabric, preferably unbleached cotton canvas in any case the cloth on which the work must be carried out necessarily conform to the characteristics given in the accompanying drawing be sought. The length of the strips will be 44 cm by 1.5 cm wide. It will result in expulsion not respecting these features applied to the canvas. The works are placed vertically from a balcony.


Modelo de la Tela

Modelo de la Tela

7. The authors must complete and submit via our registration form, registration and acceptance of the conditions of  ART AL VENT XVI with their respective telematics authorization (signature).  The last day to submit the registration will be December 16, 2018.

8. Authors must fill out and send through our registration form registration and acceptance of the rules of  ART AL VENT XVI this acceptance will be accompanied by his signature.

The request can be found at the following website:


9. Before March 3, 2019 the participants sent to the following address: specifying PHOTOGRAPHS FOR THE JURY TO ART AL VENT ART AL VENT XVI. They must submit two photographs only: A photograph of all the work and showing a detail of it.

VERY IMPORTANT: the quality of the pictures is good to facilitate the jury's decision.

Also the technical data required must be sent by email. These are:

the computer name or authors

  • Work title
  • Year.
  • Materials.
  • Complete address and phone.
  • Postal Code.
  • Nationality
  • Website and / or email address.

Joan Peiró

Juan Bautista Perió López (Rótova, València, 1961)

He is a Doctor in Fine Arts and a Professor at the University of "Painting and Environment" at the Sant Carles Faculty of Fine Arts of the Universitat Politècnica de València. He has held various positions in university management, including Director of the Department of Painting between 1999 and 2005. Since then, he was Vice-Chancellor of Culture (2005/2011) and until May 2013 he held the position of Director of Institutional Communication at the UPV. Since 1996 he has directed several R & D projects, among which "The sociological and urban dimension of public art. Critical analysis of the city of Valencia "and" The dynamic role of public art in degraded districts". At the same time, he has participated in numerous initiatives of artistic intervention in the city, among which we can mention the commissioning of the: Encuentro de Art Urbà Poliniza Dos, which has reached its thirteenth edition. He has been a commissioner of the Caja de Ahorros del Mediterráneo Collection (now Fundación Caja Mediterráneo) and is a member of the purchasing committee of the DKV Collection.


Janette Betancourt


Multidisciplinary artist from Puerto Rico, naturalised mexican. His artistic work focuses on the theme of nature and has recently included it with the human footprint on the planet, from which they have derived works with comments of ecological, economic, social and ethical order. She is a sizar of the National System of Art Creators of the National Fund for Culture and the Arts of Mexico in the periods (2013-2015) and (2016-2019). His activities in the arts include cultural management, educational activities, commissioning and museography of exhibitions and projects. In 2010, he coordinated the presentation of Art al Vent pieces in the historic center of Mexico City.


Nieves Torralba


Doctor of Fine Arts at Universitat Politècnica de València, she is a teacher of Dibujo y Color en la Escuela de Arte y Superior de Diseño de València, of the speciality Fashion Design and the Official Masters Fashion Co-Design and Sustainability.   Her teaching activities complement her artistic production in which drawing, calligraphy and public space are substantial elements of her personal poetics. She is the coordinator and the co-author of the book El papel de la falda (2015) and of more than 20 articles about design, fashion and drawing published in specialist magazines.  She is responsible for the Linea de Investigacion Moda Contemporanea: Los Modelos y el Contexto, of the Instituto Superior de las Enseñanzas Artísticas. She exhibits her work in museums, public and private collections and public spaces.

Part of the jury without voting Councilwoman culture  and plastic master Escola Experimental A. Vives, P. Josep Ginestar, who in turn will act as secretary of this jury. Resolutions shall be adopted after appropriate discussions by simple majority. Those selected will be alerted by email to proceed to send their works.

10. In April 1, 2019, the jury's verdict will be communicated to participants. The selected authors must submit their work by 26/5/2018 May 26, 2019.

In the upper back of the fabric the author's name, the title and web site or email electrónico- This requirement it is very important to appear.

Jobs are sent correctly folded. Laminated fabrics will not be accepted.

The works will be sent by the authors to the following address: Coordinació d'Art to Vent. City of Gata de Gorgos. C / 3-03740 d'Almodóvar Duquessa Gata de Gorgos.

11. The catalog will be released in four colors on paper. Each participant will receive the catalog in PDF format by email. If participants want to receive the original paper catalog will indicate what the organization via email 5 copies will be sent by author previously paying the postage.

12. Those who want a participation certificate may apply to the following address from the end of the exhibition in Gata request specifying your name, year of the call and title of his work.

13. Once the exhibition circuit has finished, the works will be sent back to their authors for FREE to all those who requested so in the registration form, along with a copy of the catalogue. This means that the return of the fabrics must be specifically requested at the time of registration. The works not claimed by the authors, will become part of Gata de Gorgos Town Hall.

14. Since the opening of the exhibition until the work is returned to the authors, the rights to use the works will be the City; that means their custody, management, dissemination and promotion

15. El Ayuntamiento y la Organización no se hacen responsables de la posible degradación o daños a causa de los efectos climáticos o robos quedando libres de dar ninguna indemnización.

16. Artists do not receive prize money for participating in the ART AL VENT XVI.

17. The opening will be on August 14, 2019 at 19:30 h. in the city of Gata.

18. Participation implies acceptance of these rules. The jury's decision is final.


Those interested in attending the opening must check before if there had been any change in the opening ceremony, by contacting This e-mail

More information and participation: